Importance Of Getting A DVLA Certificate Of Destruction

Any car no matter how well maintained it is has a certain life span. It is a fact that cannot be ignored or avoided. No matter how much you love your car, you will one day ultimately have to give it up and upgrade to a new and better car. This might be due to the age of your old car, performance issues or simply a wish to upgrade. Getting rid of your car and turning it into scrap is not enough. You still remain responsible for your car till you get a DVLA Certificate of Destruction. It is important to know what this certificate is, what it means and why it is important to get it.

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What Is A DVLA Certificate Of Destruction?

Many people often do not get this certificate or overlook the certificate simply because they do not know what a DVLA Certificate of Destruction is. It is hence important to have the necessary information. A DVLA Certificate of Destruction is a document that legally removes your car from the DVLA database permanently.

What The Issue Of A DVLA Certificate Of Destruction Means

The issuing of a DVLA Certificate of Destruction has many implications. Some of these are

  • The certificate implies that the car is no longer registered in the database of DVLA.
  • It implies that you are no longer liable for anything that happens to the car.
  • It implies that the car will not be further used and will be taken for scrapping.

All of this might not seem very important but in reality, they have very grave consequences.


Importance Of A DVLA Certificate Of Destruction

The foremost reason for getting a DVLA Certificate of Destruction when you are giving your car over for scrapping is that you are legally bound to do so. Moreover, no mischief that is done with your car will be liable to you. Otherwise, you would never be able to be sure what your car is being used for or even where the parts of your old car have ended up. You might end up facing legal problems due to the car still legally belonging to you. You will have to pay any fines that DVLA puts on your old car. This is both dangerous and a big hassle. Hence it is obvious that it is very important to get the certificate. It is also important to keep the certificate safe once you get it. In case the DVLA database is not up to date, or some other problem occurs, you might be needed to produce the certificate to prove that you no longer own that car.

Be Sure To Check For Authenticity

It is very important to check that the DVLA Certificate of Destruction you are getting is the authentic one. An authentic certificate will have DVLA logo on it. It is important to make sure that the logo is present. Only Authorized Treatment Facilities that have been properly licensed by the Environment Agencies of UK can provide the authentic certificate.

Get Your Vehicle Registered With The Help Of DVLA Service

To get an idea of the background of the process, it was in the year 2015 that a new technique was introduced whereby the counterpart of the driving license was taken back, and a very digital version of the process was introduced in the market. Those customers who are proficient in using this particular service can share, view, and also check the details of their driving license without causing any trouble of any paperwork as such. With the introduction and development of this particular service, there was an increase in the number of customers. This was only possible due to the immense hard work and dedication of the team of employees who work for DVLA (Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency). The numbers of customers have increased accordingly to more than a million. The digital service was particularly built up for saving the time and energy to the customers who are actively involved in the process.


The Details Of Their Work

There is a special category which is termed as share driving license which works for two different things. Firstly, it helps the customers in the seat of the driver and helps them to put out every detail in a very safe and easy way. This one of the biggest achievement for the whole team of employees and also for each and every people attached to the agency.  There is a good competition with the various branches of Surrey Council, Home Office and that of Metropolitan Police. Those DVLA registered vehicles are used for various purposes. The agency themselves find out certain untaxed vehicles to identify the keepers of the different cars which are entering London and have failed to pay the charge of congestion. There is also a charge sheet for those who have exceeded the speed limit. These are all kept in the database of DVLA.

Introduction Of Identity Checker

There has been a gradual introduction of VIC (Vehicle Identity Check) that helps in the reduction of vehicle crime. It detects a small amount of crime and those identified criminals with stolen cars. The next work is that of the insurance company who notify the following to DVLA that the concerned vehicles have been written off. This will lead to a VIC marker which marks the record of the vehicle in the database of DVLA.

Details Of Database

The driver database was introduced back in the 1980s that hold a record of more than 42 million licenses in the UK. The main motive is to produce a number of driving licenses that assists different agencies such as that of Driving Standard Agency, courts as well as police with the concern of enforcing legislation related to safe driving.

Employment Details

The most of the employees who are a part of DVLA are females whereas, in other departments such as that of the Transport, males predominated. The employees are well trained and experience in their individual works. The salary of individual departments definitely varies. The sick leaves are given to individual employees, strike rate is surprisingly absent and is filled with highly satisfied people.